19 May 2015

Our house, in the middle of our street

As promised, my house tour. We got our blinds fitted and now I'm so house proud so I'm gonna show it off.


We use our back door more than the front so this is what you would see when you first get in the house.

This is the massive freezer which I got from freecycle and (probably as you can see) its huge. When it's empty I can get in it and shut the lid!

Moving down from the dining room onto the living room and the sideboard, again another freebie, this one was from gumtree.

The couch looks massive because it's a corner couch with a cushioned footstool pushed into the crevasse to create.... MEGACOUCH (the footstool, free from freecycle)

Not enough shoes live under here

Hello Kev! Along with his Lego PC case which he built last week.

Snuggle kitten :)

It's quite plain but I'll get there at some point.

And finally my little dressing room/spare room. All my make up strewn all over the place. I'm going to move the bed soon and get a new dressing table and make it look cleaner and more welcoming.

That's my little house and I'm so happy with it and the area and living with my fiancé :D

Steph xxx

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