20 Jun 2015

Cutting my own hair

The other week I was getting myself really frustrated at how awful the ends of my hair were. It was so frizzy and the ends were all split it was making all of my hair look unhealthy. Now I know that dying your hair a lot damages your hair anyway, but I've been keeping to a once a month routine (not out of consideration for my hair but out of sheer laziness) and it is always in gorgeous condition right after dying it.

I tried asking Kev to trim my hair, gave him strict instructions of how to do it but he wouldn't, he was scared of ruining it. I even tried showing him all of the bad haircuts I'd had in the past and cutting my hair funny doesn't bother me as long as I can style it until it grows out. Still no.

In a huff and feeling like something needed to be done I turned to Pinterest where I found this pin

This was it, from now on I was going to be in charge of my trims whilst trying to grow my hair out and THEN I would seek help from a hairdresser once the length I was after was reached.

It adds a lot of layers into the hair so I wouldn't recommend if that's not what you're after. I'm just pleased with how lovely and in such nice condition it is after my little trim.

Steph xxx

Bella candle

Me being a fan of candles is an understatement. I love them. A while ago I tried an Imperial candle which were a bit on the pricier side but the candle was gorgeous and you were given the option to choose your ring size to avoid the jewellery not fitting and therefore being pointless.

The aim of Bella candles' game is the same concept as Imperial candles, that inside each one is a gift worth between £10-£500 and always sterling silver.

I'm not one for floral scents or vanilla or lavender, they give me a headache so I always opt for the fruity options when given a choice.

I happened to come across Bella Candles from an advert on Facebook (sucker) showing that they were having a sale and within 5 minutes I'd bought one, woops!

In hindsight I wish I had picked a more specific scent, because I went for the fruit explosion candle which as you can imagine is a mix of a whole load of fruits and it's really overpowering. The more I know though.

The packaging it came in is just lovely, a really nice touch. Made it feel and look a lot more expensive than it was.

I'm so impatient waiting for the ring so as soon as it started peeping it's little head out of the candle that was it, I was digging it out with a spoon - classy I know.

BUT THE RING, oh my god. I love it. It's worth £20 and it fits like a glove luckily, as on Bella's website it doesn't ask for ring size so I was a bit panicky in case it didn't fit.

8/10, would buy again. I love the mystery of the whole thing.

Steph xxx

30 May 2015

Legs 11! - #BGOmeetup

On Thursday I was invited to attend a Joe Blogs event hosted at the lovely Jazz Café in Newcastle city centre hosted by BGO.

Before attending the event, the only information we were given in relation to the event was the name 'The Golden Age Of Bingo'.

If you know me at all I love bingo and relish the opportunity to play at any time.

I met up with Chloe and together we headed over to the venue. The event was hosted upstairs and when we got there we had a name tag and 4 drinks tokens awaiting for us each (great!).

They had a projection screen which displayed a game called Starburst in which they deposited £500 and let you play with it and any profit on the £500 would be donated to the Nepal earthquake relief fund - from a few spins I got a 'big win' and won £50 towards it!

Then we got down to the game, I was all geared up for normal bingo. I even taught Chloe how to play because she'd never played before. I was all ready, up until the bingo boards came out and it was filled with songs and artists - we were playing rock and roll bingo.


It was almost like karaoke with the amount of cheese on the playlist.

I didn't win but had a fab night!

Thanks Joe Blogs and BGO


25 May 2015

The Argos Challenge

Following on from my earlier post, Argos online got in touch with me on Twitter saying they wanted to give the challenge a go.

So they had £200 to make a living room pretty, there is already a couch and a television in the room so you don't have to blow the budget.

I got sent a LOT of item numbers from the people on the Twitter team, so I picked my favourites from the bunch.

This candle holder is so unique, I would put one on either side of my fireplace and make it a little more girly

I'd put this in my spare room which I'm planning on making a dressing room with a make up table and small single bed :)

I definitely want this, my current TV stand is too small for the TV (the woes of loving a massive telly) and the little boxes are dead cute.

I love the jug but I would probably change it for some really oversized sunflowers or daisies.

This is very similar to my 'Love is all you need' canvas and I adore the lights in it, really great.

On the pictures this seems so tiny but it's adorable, I would probably have loads though.

Now this is an idea I can get behind, I would put tea lights and photos on these, I love them so much.

I would love these in my house but having a curious kitten would not make this possible at all, there would be candle and water everywhere all the time.

This is a fantastic choice, it's really quirky and has a very good steampunk theme to it. 

Lastly this clock is right up my street because I'm blind as a bat for looking at things far away so the large numbers would really make things a whole lot easier for me.

Here were my choices and I honestly might look into getting the Daisy canvas for myself in the future, I've fallen in love with it. 

What would you choose?

Steph xxx