2 May 2015

We ought to have a catch up

So, it looks like I have been AWOL for abut a year now. In that time a lot of this have changed so I thought it would probably be rude of me if I didnt catch you all up on the things tht have happened.

To make things easier for myself, I will try and bullet point all the main things that have happened and then in true blogger fashion then follow these up with some photos to demonstrate and show you all these things that have happened.

Here goes.

1. I have moved jobs, working in the same field as before however a lot more specialised. Apparently I do alright as the team I'm working in have been winning the bonus giftcards. 2 months in a row so far. All the treats for me!

We had a Hawaiian themed Thursday not too long ago

Thanks work!

2. Me and Kevan are still together only now we've moved house! We're still living in Newcastle though so I can continue to be a fake Geordie.

This was the state of the house when we just moved in

3. We got a brown little hamster and called her Brown Bear but she only lasted 2 short weeks before I came downstairs and she had died, so sad.

4. We got a kitten, called Jonesy. As in the cat from Alien. She was supposed to be a ginger cat but the opportunity arose for this little black and white beauty and I couldn't resist. My hopes is to get another little one and call her Ripley.

5. I can't remember if I ever mentioned this the last time I was here (I don't suppose I did as it happened last September) but me and Kevan are now engaged, but plans for a long engagement are in place because when we get around to saving for a wedding I really want to do it right.

6. Last year bother my grandparents passed away, actually come to think of it last year was really unlucky for me so hopfully my luck is turning around.

We got this card delivered the day after my Granda had died which means one of the last things he did was write the card for us to congratulate us before he passed. Something to treasure.

7. I've also joined a gym (not the first time mind you) and am really on a health kick now. Really trying to get in shape and get healthier. The last time I joined a gym I could count on 2 hands just exactly how many times I visited. I've really been enjoying it think time around and I think it's all to do with the people at work who have all been going together and also that the actualy gym is on the way home from work so I have no excuse when I pass it, but to go in.

8. I've also became a redhead again, and got new glasses. Love it!

Im planning on doing a house tour when we get our blinds fitted and we don't have ugly curtains up, can't wait to show you my lovely little home.

Nice catching up!

Stephanie xxx

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  1. Welcome back!

    Firstly huge congratulations, what amazing news!!!!!! So exciting!

    Your new kittie is gorgeous! We've just bought our first house and I'm pretty sure we'll be sitting on deck chairs for a while too cos we'll never be able to afford furniture after all the ridiculous expenses!

    Loving your red hair



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