25 May 2015

The Argos Challenge

Following on from my earlier post, Argos online got in touch with me on Twitter saying they wanted to give the challenge a go.

So they had £200 to make a living room pretty, there is already a couch and a television in the room so you don't have to blow the budget.

I got sent a LOT of item numbers from the people on the Twitter team, so I picked my favourites from the bunch.

This candle holder is so unique, I would put one on either side of my fireplace and make it a little more girly

I'd put this in my spare room which I'm planning on making a dressing room with a make up table and small single bed :)

I definitely want this, my current TV stand is too small for the TV (the woes of loving a massive telly) and the little boxes are dead cute.

I love the jug but I would probably change it for some really oversized sunflowers or daisies.

This is very similar to my 'Love is all you need' canvas and I adore the lights in it, really great.

On the pictures this seems so tiny but it's adorable, I would probably have loads though.

Now this is an idea I can get behind, I would put tea lights and photos on these, I love them so much.

I would love these in my house but having a curious kitten would not make this possible at all, there would be candle and water everywhere all the time.

This is a fantastic choice, it's really quirky and has a very good steampunk theme to it. 

Lastly this clock is right up my street because I'm blind as a bat for looking at things far away so the large numbers would really make things a whole lot easier for me.

Here were my choices and I honestly might look into getting the Daisy canvas for myself in the future, I've fallen in love with it. 

What would you choose?

Steph xxx

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