30 May 2015

Legs 11! - #BGOmeetup

On Thursday I was invited to attend a Joe Blogs event hosted at the lovely Jazz Café in Newcastle city centre hosted by BGO.

Before attending the event, the only information we were given in relation to the event was the name 'The Golden Age Of Bingo'.

If you know me at all I love bingo and relish the opportunity to play at any time.

I met up with Chloe and together we headed over to the venue. The event was hosted upstairs and when we got there we had a name tag and 4 drinks tokens awaiting for us each (great!).

They had a projection screen which displayed a game called Starburst in which they deposited £500 and let you play with it and any profit on the £500 would be donated to the Nepal earthquake relief fund - from a few spins I got a 'big win' and won £50 towards it!

Then we got down to the game, I was all geared up for normal bingo. I even taught Chloe how to play because she'd never played before. I was all ready, up until the bingo boards came out and it was filled with songs and artists - we were playing rock and roll bingo.


It was almost like karaoke with the amount of cheese on the playlist.

I didn't win but had a fab night!

Thanks Joe Blogs and BGO


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