20 Jun 2015

Cutting my own hair

The other week I was getting myself really frustrated at how awful the ends of my hair were. It was so frizzy and the ends were all split it was making all of my hair look unhealthy. Now I know that dying your hair a lot damages your hair anyway, but I've been keeping to a once a month routine (not out of consideration for my hair but out of sheer laziness) and it is always in gorgeous condition right after dying it.

I tried asking Kev to trim my hair, gave him strict instructions of how to do it but he wouldn't, he was scared of ruining it. I even tried showing him all of the bad haircuts I'd had in the past and cutting my hair funny doesn't bother me as long as I can style it until it grows out. Still no.

In a huff and feeling like something needed to be done I turned to Pinterest where I found this pin

This was it, from now on I was going to be in charge of my trims whilst trying to grow my hair out and THEN I would seek help from a hairdresser once the length I was after was reached.

It adds a lot of layers into the hair so I wouldn't recommend if that's not what you're after. I'm just pleased with how lovely and in such nice condition it is after my little trim.

Steph xxx

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