20 Jun 2015

Bella candle

Me being a fan of candles is an understatement. I love them. A while ago I tried an Imperial candle which were a bit on the pricier side but the candle was gorgeous and you were given the option to choose your ring size to avoid the jewellery not fitting and therefore being pointless.

The aim of Bella candles' game is the same concept as Imperial candles, that inside each one is a gift worth between £10-£500 and always sterling silver.

I'm not one for floral scents or vanilla or lavender, they give me a headache so I always opt for the fruity options when given a choice.

I happened to come across Bella Candles from an advert on Facebook (sucker) showing that they were having a sale and within 5 minutes I'd bought one, woops!

In hindsight I wish I had picked a more specific scent, because I went for the fruit explosion candle which as you can imagine is a mix of a whole load of fruits and it's really overpowering. The more I know though.

The packaging it came in is just lovely, a really nice touch. Made it feel and look a lot more expensive than it was.

I'm so impatient waiting for the ring so as soon as it started peeping it's little head out of the candle that was it, I was digging it out with a spoon - classy I know.

BUT THE RING, oh my god. I love it. It's worth £20 and it fits like a glove luckily, as on Bella's website it doesn't ask for ring size so I was a bit panicky in case it didn't fit.

8/10, would buy again. I love the mystery of the whole thing.

Steph xxx

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  1. This is a really cool idea! I love candles and rings so it is a good combinations. The ring you got is really pretty. :)


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